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Welcome to Amistr!

We are a 50/50/30 rate server dedicated to providing an up-to-date, reliable, fun, and stable experience. For more details, you can use the three buttons above in each site section. If there is anything you dislike, feel free to vent on the forums as well, and who knows? Maybe something you suggest might be approved!

We hope you enjoy your stay and if you like us, feel free to spread the word.

Latest Server News

Time to say Goodbye. - Kiana on Sun Jul 11, 2010
We the staff of Amistr.net would like to thank everyone for playing and supporting the server.When we decided to open Amistr.net the goal was to create a place for people to feel comfortable, a place for people to learn, a place people could enjoy themselves.

Talking to players and of course not all feel the same way, but alot of people have gained something from Amistr whether it be knowlege of the game, knowledge of how to work as a team, or simply just made new friends.

Knowing this, I am very glad to have been able to supply and work on the server for you all. Although sadly it seems the time has come for AmistrRO to say goodbye, and the staff to wish players good luck on their search for a new home.

AmistrRO and AmistrRO's Ventrilo will be closing on July 30th 2010. So until that date we will leave the server open for your guys fun and testing.We will also increase the rates to 300x Base, 300x Job, 100x Drop Rate(This will be MVP drops and cards aswell), @go, and @storage on Tuesday July 12th 2010. There will no longer be maintenance preformed on Amistr after Tuesday July 12th 2010.
Also we will be keeping Wool(test server) open until the servers are decomissioned.

If anyone has any questions you are always free to email me at kiana@amistr.net. I would also like to offer that if anyone would like suggestions/information on servers your welcome to ask me, I will try to assist you guys in anyway possible.

Good luck everyone;
War of Emperium Castle Rotation - July 2010 - Kiana on Tue Jun 29, 2010
Special Note: Our castle treasures spawn at 00:31(12:31 A.M) instead of the normal 00:00(12 A.M) as we set off maintenance at 00:00(12:00 A.M) and we do not want any issues with the spawning.

Special Note 2: Baby War of Emperium has not changed.

Morning War of Emperium
Date: Saturday
Time: 07:00 to 08:00 Server time (GMT-5)
Location: Luina Guild (Al De Baran)
- Hohenschwangau - aldeg_cas02


Afternoon War of Emperium
Date: Saturday
Time: 14:00-15:00 Server time (GMT-5)
Location: Greenwood Lake Guild (Payon)- Sacred Altar - payg_cas04


NightTime War of Emperium
Date: Saturday
Time: 22:00 - 23:00 Server time(GMT-5)
Location:Britoniah Guild (Geffen)- Mersetzdeitz - gefg_cas05

War of Emperium Second Edition
Date: Sunday
Time:16:00-17:00 Server Time(GMT-5)
Location:Schwaltzvalt Guild (Yuno) - Andlangr - Schwaltzvalt Guild Castle 02
[06.09.2010] Server and Client Updates - Koma on Wed Jun 09, 2010
As of the 9th of June in 2010, we are now utilizing eAthena Revision 14332. For precise core changes, click the eAthena link. It's recommended to check the eAthena ChangeLog since it may include information that is not listed here.

Bug Fixes:
  • Chicken Hat - Due to a conflict in database scripts, the Chicken Hat never got its corrected script fix last week. This has been fixed as part of the database clean-up this week.
  • eAthena Updates - These include various fixes such as the Fruit Merchant in Brasilis selling pet taming items instead of healing items, monster racial attributes, small typos, and an extensive item database update for newer items. In regards, to the Brasilis issue, this is yet another reason why certain areas are not yet accessible (and therefore could not have been abused).
Other Updates:
  • Weekly Bonus Gift Drop - For this week, the latest collectible hat is the Kerchief[0]! Remember, you can message "NPC:GiftDrop" the text "INFO!" and it will tell you what the current Gift Drop is too!
  • Hat Dude Addition - The Hat Dude now permits the creation of Loki Mask[0].
  • Nydhogger's Dungeon - This dungeon, otherwise known as Nidhogg's Dungeon, is now accessible via the normal route in Splendide Field or via the Dungeon Warper as it has been deemed as close to complete as possible.
  • Manuk Special Town NPCs - The Healer and Cat Hand NPCs have been moved as certain quest NPCs were located on the same coordinates.
  • Item Database Clean-Up - Work has begun on tidying up some excess database entries as official eAthena has been implementing what were originally custom implemented on Amistr. This is also to clean-up and make way for more view IDs as we transition clients.
  • Map Updates - As some older players may remember, V.I.P. also had an alternative map to play on called the Pope's Room. This was originally disabled as it became an officially occupied map. To correct this, the V.I.P. maps have been duplicated on the backend, and we should see the re-addition of the alternate map shortly. Also, several missing maps have been added in to our backend as well for future update purposes.

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